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Are you tired of poor manufacturing process consistency and frustrated by the lack of service and expertise when dealing with battery issues? If you’re seeking a reliable battery partner who can truly assist you, look no further. You’ve come to the right place!

Saphiion develops customized, hassle-free, and cost-effective li-ion custom 18650 battery packs, 21700 battery packs and LiFePO4 battery packs for our valued customers with unparalleled customer service, and we strive to create thoughtful battery pack solutions tailored to your unique battery needs. Feel free to share more details about your specific requirements, and together we can create a customized battery solution that empowers your business to thrive.

In addition, Saphiion provides customized battery pack consulting and guidance to help your team save valuable time and effort in solving ongoing problems.

Let our battery experts help you reduce wait times, manage costs, streamline workflows and improve battery safety starting today.

From customizing an existing product to developing an entirely new project, let our battery experts help you optimize your development process with the most suitable custom battery packs. Moreover, we have a full team of battery specialists who will assist you in planning, budgeting, assessing risk, and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Now is the time to act. Schedule an in-person or virtual evaluation with one of a Saphiion battery specialist to discuss your unique battery needs.

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What makes us different? Our Battery Quality and Service Directly Benefits Your Business!

At Saphiion, from initial consultation to final delivery, our team works closely with you to design and manufacture bespoke custom lithium-ion battery packs that perfectly align with your specifications and requirements.

The Battery Expert

Over 10 years experience, we have all the expertise you need for custom battery packs under one roof

Custom Battery Design

Truly bespoke battery solutions tailored to your requirements, cater to various industries

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Create batteries with a focus on durability, in-house quality & regulatory testing to ensure higher reliability

Improve Efficiency for You

Make it easier and more efficient to identify your unique needs and find the right solution for you

Help You Reduce Costs

Keep your budget under control, and ensure higher reliability, better performance and increased safety

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Allowing you to eliminate the time spent on unprofessional communication costs

Ready to growth your business with our custom lithium battery pack solution?

At Saphiion, we’re committed to delivering trusted li-ion 18650 battery packs, custom 21700 li-ion battery packs and LiFePO4 battery pack solutions to meet your diverse needs. Our custom lithium battery packs excel across industries, prioritizing reliability and safety. From 3.7v lithium battery pack to 72v lithium battery pack, we offer customizable options in battery chemistry, voltage, capacity, technical parameters, size, shape and battery case design to ensure your unique requirements are met. Whether you’re ready to discuss details or just want to learn more, reach out anytime – we’re always happy to help.

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Let’s make it happen! Shoot us a message to kickstart your journey towards cutting-edge battery solutions. Our team of battery experts utilizes the latest technologies and manufacturing processes to ensure high performance, reliability, and safety of your batteries. Don’t settle for ordinary – let’s power up your potential!