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Saphiion offer a wide range of LiFePO4 trolling motor batteries in 12V, 24V, and 36V configurations, each designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers.


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Your trusted partner for customized, hassle-free, and cost-effective lithium trolling motor battery.

With years of experience in the industry, we have developed a deep understanding of the unique requirements and challenges associated with lithium trolling motor battery. Our team consists of seasoned experts who bring extensive knowledge and expertise to every aspect of battery design, manufacturing, and service.

A trolling motor battery is a deep cycle battery specifically designed to power trolling motors, which are electric motors commonly used on boats for propulsion and maneuvering. Unlike starter batteries used to crank boat engines, trolling motor batteries are designed to provide continuous, steady power over an extended period.

Our trolling motor batteries are available in various voltages, including 12 volts, 24 volts, and 36 volts, to match the requirements of different trolling motor models. The choice of battery voltage depends on the size and power needs of the trolling motor and the boat it will be used on.

  • 12V Lithium Trolling Motor Battery
  • 24V Lithium Trolling Motor Battery
  • 36V Lithium Trolling Motor Battery

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Key Benefits of our Trolling Motor Battery

Our goal is to create values for our customers while maintaining affordability

Longer Lifespan

Over 3000 times cycle life, can result in lower long-term costs despite their higher initial investment.

Lighter Weight

3 times lighter than lead-acid batteries, which can contribute to improved performance and efficiency of the golf cart.


Our LiFePO4 batteries are maintenance-free. Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries that require regular maintenance.

Fast Charging

Support rapid charging, help you to reduce downtime and allow your golf carts to be back in operation more quickly.

We Produce Premium Trolling Motor Battery

with High Quality Component

High Quality LiFePo4 Cells

We only use reputable brand such as EVE, REPT. Elevate your trolling motors with our superior quality cells to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Custom LiFePo4 Battery Pack

From initial consultation to final delivery, our team works closely with you to design and manufacture reliable trolling motor battery that perfectly align with your specifications and requirements.

Advanced BMS Protection

Maximize the lifespan and efficiency of your battery systems with our advanced BMS. Smart BMS ensures precise monitoring and protection of your battery, enhancing safety and performance across various applications.

3000 Cycles Life

The impressive extended lifespan not only reduces the frequency of battery replacements but also lowers the total cost of ownership over the battery’s lifetime.

Let us keep your budget under control

48V 100Ah Golf Cart Battery

24V 100Ah LiFePo4 trolling motor battery

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36V 80Ah LiFePo4 trolling motor battery

Snow Sports Events

48V 100Ah LiFePo4 trolling motor battery

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12.8V 100Ah LiFePo4 trolling motor battery

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12.8V 200Ah LiFePo4 trolling motor battery

Snow Sports

24V 100Ah LiFePo4 trolling motor battery

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Frequently Asked Questions You Might Find Interesting

Absolutely, LiFePO4 batteries offer several advantages over traditional lead-acid batteries, including longer lifespan, higher energy density, faster charging, lighter weight, maintenance-free operation, and environmental friendly.

The typical lifespan of a LiFePO4 golf cart battery is over 3,000 cycles life, which typically last significantly longer than lead-acid batteries, it means 5~7 years of reliable service under normal usage conditions.

LiFePO4 batteries generally require chargers specifically designed for lithium-ion batteries to ensure safe and efficient charging. It’s essential to use chargers that are compatible with the battery’s voltage and charging profile.

Saphiion LiFePO4 batteries are designed to be compatible with most golf cart models, but must be verified for compatibility with your specific cart voltage and size in advance. Our team can provide guidance and support to ensure a perfect match for your application.

No, LiFePO4 batteries are maintenance-free and do not require the same level of maintenance as lead-acid batteries. There is no need to check water levels or perform equalization charges.

Yes, Saphiion LiFePO4 batteries are specifically designed with safety in mind and are safe for use in golf carts. LiFePo4 battery have stable chemistry, are less prone to thermal runaway, and have built-in battery management systems (BMS) to prevent your golf cart battery from overcharging, overdischarging and overheating. When properly installed and maintained according to our guidelines, our LiFePO4 batteries provide reliable and secure power for your golf cart.