Battery Manufacturing-How We Build Your Custom Battery Packs

A Step-by-Step Guide to Show our Custom Battery Manufacturing Process

Looking for lithium battery packs tailored to your needs? Whether it’s compact and lightweight packs for portable devices or high-power solutions for electric vehicles and industrial machinery, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise ensures a perfect match for your requirements.

Safety is paramount to us. That’s why we only use top-quality materials and components, guaranteeing durability and consistent performance over time.

Curious about what sets our custom battery packs apart? Join us as we guide you through our battery manufacturing journey, from concept to delivery. Explore each step, from materials sourcing to stringent quality control. Welcome to our custom battery pack production process – let’s dive in!

Part 1: Battery Raw Materials Inspection

  • Battery Cell Sorting

Achieving consistent battery cell quality is critical to reliable battery pack assembly. To minimize errors and ensure optimal performance, we employ automatic cell sorting machines. These machines meticulously analyze each cell, evaluating key electrical characteristics such as voltage, capacity and internal resistance. By selecting only the best cells, we guarantee good consistency and reliability in every battery packs we produce.

Sorting Criteria: Cell voltage  5mV, Battery internal resistance < 3mΩ

  • Battery BMS Inspection

The Battery Management System undergoes thorough inspection to ensure flawless operation, including monitoring components like sensors to communication interfaces to safeguard against potential hazards.

BMS Function: Over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, short circuit, temperature and balancing, and secondary protection.
BMS Inspection: BMS internal resistance, Over-current, Delay testing. ONLY qualified BMS could be passed through to next process.

  • Battery Charger Inspection

All chargers must undergo 100% quality control testing to verify voltage, current rating and safety features to ensure optimal performance and reliability. ONLY QC passed chargers could be pass through to the next process.When defective chargers found, our QC staff will marked and return to our supplier to analysis and replace a new one. Defective chargers are not allowed to proceed to the next process.

  • Battery Case Inspection

Inspection covers appearance, dimension, structural integrity, and material quality of battery cases. Defective cases are returned to suppliers for replacement.

Part 2: Battery Prototype Approval

  • Engineer-Made Prototypes

In order to a smooth lithium battery packs production, our engineers will make and test samples before mass production. Approval of the prototype means that mass production is ready.

Part 3: Battery Pack Assembly Process

  • Battery Stewing Before Assembly

Before the production of lithium battery packs, all cells need to be stewed for more than 3 days, so that the positive and negative electrodes, the diaphragm, the electrolyte and the chemical reaction reaches a complete balance.

  • Battery Cell
    with Bracket

If there is enough space for battery design, we recommend that the battery cells come equipped with brackets that enhances insulation, good heat dissipation and shock resistance.

  • Battery Packs Automatic Welding

Advanced automatic welding machines ensure strong interconnections between battery cells and nickel sheets. Parameters are precisely controlled to minimize defects.

Benefits: Accelerates production speed, reduces manual errors and increases productivity.

  • Battery Workmanship Regular Checking

During battery manufacturing process, our Experienced QC staff conduct hourly inspections, ensuring weld firmness and integrity, and performing tension tests on nickel sheets.

  • Battery Pack Assembly with BMS

After spot welding, our skilled workers will assemble the battery packs, solder and fix BMS, and insulate it with red paper and PVC shrink wrap. This ensures that the BMS is able to monitor and protect critical parameters in real time for safe and efficient operation.

  • Semi-finished Battery Testing

Semi-finished battery packs undergo a series of tests to evaluate electrical performance, thermal management and safety features, including charging and discharging tests, over current tests, internal resistance tests, and BMS functionality tests ensure that the battery achieves maximum performance and reliability.

  • Battery Packs 100% Aging Test

The 100% aging test is critical to the customized battery manufacturing process. Rigorous test measures the charging and discharging performance and cycle life of the batteries and will simulate real-condition usage parameters to ensure that the battery packs are fully compliant with the customer’s battery requirements. All test data is recorded on a computer during the process and can be viewed in real time.

  • Battery Case Assembly  (If battery with case or enclosure)

After assembling and testing the electrical components, we place the battery pack into the final enclosure. We mechanically reinforce, electrically insulate and environmentally seal this protective enclosure to protect the battery pack from damage and contamination.

  • Finished Battery Pack Comprehensive Testing

Our QC employees thoroughly inspect all battery packs before shipment. If they find faulty batteries, they mark them, record the issues, and send them back to the engineering department for further analysis.

Unqualified batteries will not be allowed to leave the factory or be shipped.

  • Final Appearance Checking

Careful visual inspection ensures that the finished battery packs meet strict quality standards. If any defects are found, our quality control staff will mark them out and never allow defective products to proceed to the next process.

  • Battery Packaging

Careful packaging with custom-designed materials ensures safe transportation and storage and protects the battery pack from damage during transportation.

  • 5 Layers Fireboard Box
  • UN carton Packages
  • Pallet Packages
  • Dangerous Goods Packaging

In summary, our battery manufacturing process embodies precision and reliability at every stage. With stringent quality control measures and proven process designs, Saphiion ensure the creation of reliable, high-performance battery solutions. Our commitment to excellence drives us forward as we continue to meet the evolving needs of our customers and contribute to a sustainable future driven by efficient energy storage.

If you are seeking for custom battery packs of your next project, trust the experts to deliver the perfect power solution tailored to your exact needs.

Need custom battery pack for your projects?

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