Top 10 China Energy Storage Battery Companies

Exploring the Top 10 China Energy Storage Battery Companies: Q1 2024 Rankings

As the demand for reliable energy storage solutions continues to grow, companies around the world are vying for dominance in this emerging market. Join us as we explore the latest updates and rankings for energy storage battery shipments in Q1 2024, with a special focus on China’s leading role in driving innovation and growth.

Energy Storage Battery Cell Shipments Ranking in Quarter 1 of 2024

According to InfoLink’s Global Lithium Battery Supply Chain Database, the global shipment of energy storage cells in the first quarter of 2024 amounted to 38.82 GWh, of which utility-scale and commercial and industrial projects accounted for 3.475 GWh, and small-scale (including telecommunication projects, hereinafter referred to as small-scale) projects amounted to 4.07 GWh.

The overall performance of the energy storage market was relatively sluggish in the first quarter, with a year-on-year decrease of 2.2%.

The manufacturers with the largest shipments in the first quarter were CATL, EVE Energy, REPT BATTERO, BYD and Hithium. Thanks to bulk orders from major clients. EVE Energy surpasses REPT BATTERO and BYD ranked to the second, and REPT BATTERO and BYD ranked third and fourth place respectively, while, CATL continues to lead the way. Hithium ranked fifth with a solid performance.

Figure 1: Energy Storage Cell Shipments Ranking in Quarter 1 of 2024, sourcing from InfoLink

In the first quarter of 2024, for utility-scale and C&I projects, the top five manufacturers shipping the most in the first quarter were CATL, EVE Energy, REPT BATTERO, Hithium, and BYD. CATL shipped more than 13 GWh, while the rest shipped 2-5 GWh. While, for small-scale sector, the ranking shuffled. The top five manufacturers shipping the most were EVE Energy, REPT BATTERO, BYD, Ampace, and Great Power. EVE Energy led with a market share of over 30%, followed closely by REPT BATTERO with a near-20% market share. BYD, Ampace, and Great Power ranked third to fifth, with market shares of 7-10%.

Top 10 China Energy Storage Companies Latest News

Based on the database of InfoLink, the small-scale sector was in a downturn, experiencing a 51.9% year-on-year decline and a 37.3% month-on-month decrease. While, the utility-scale and C&I sectors continued growing by 10.3% year-on-year. The market penetration rate of 300 Ah+ products was 22% in the first quarter and will approach 50% by the fourth quarter. In non-China markets, 300 Ah+ products will popularize in the first quarter in 2025, given them being less sensitive to cell technology transition and their slower product verification time.

In April 2024, the Top 10 Energy Storage Companies are all released new energy storage products.


On April 9, it officially released the world’s first 5-year zero-degradation and mass-produced energy storage system – Tianheng, which integrates “5-year zero degradation, 6.25MWh, multi-dimensional true safety” and is equipped with The L series of long-life zero-attenuation battery cells dedicated for energy storage achieve the ultra-high energy density of “430Wh/L” of lithium iron phosphate energy storage batteries.

EVE Energy:

At the 12th Energy Storage International Summit and Exhibition (ESIE 2024) held in early April, EVE Lithium Energy presented full-scenario solutions for large energy storage including the Mr flagship series released in January this year. Plan unveiled. Among them, the Mr.Big battery cell has a capacity of up to 628Ah and uses third-generation high-speed lamination technology with an energy efficiency of 96%; the Mr.Giant system uses a standard 20-foot cabinet with an energy of 5MWh and a system energy efficiency of up to 95%.


Also at ESIE 2024, REPT BATTERO released a 6.9MWh energy storage battery compartment for the first time, and made a stunning appearance with an upgraded large-capacity 345Ah energy storage battery cell.

The 6.9MWh energy storage system still uses a standard 20-foot container with a single-side door opening. It supports the combination of four machines and the shipping of the entire machine. It uses a new medium-voltage platform to achieve zero attenuation in five years. At the same time, REPT BATTERO also demonstrated the mass production results of its 5.51MWh liquid-cooled battery cabin on site. The battery cabin was the first to achieve mass production and batch delivery in February this year.


BYD released its latest energy storage solution-MC Cube-T Rubik’s Cube system. The system is equipped with an energy storage cabinet with a capacity of 6.432MWh and uses a new generation of large-capacity long-knife batteries. The energy of a single cabin is increased by 35.8%, making it more time-saving, efficient, safe and reliable.


At ESIE 2024, the product exhibited by Hithium is the first long-term energy storage MIC 1130Ah battery cell that has been released before. Its volumetric energy density reaches 400Wh/L, an increase of more than 15%, and The cycle life is up to 15,000 times, and the energy storage system integration efficiency using MIC 1130Ah can be increased to 35%.


CALB presented many heavyweight products. Among them, the innovative 314Ah Gen2.0 dedicated energy storage battery cell has a cycle life increased to 15,000 times, which can achieve an ultra-long life of 25 years, and the battery cell capacity has zero attenuation within the first 1,000 cycles.

Gotion High-tech:

Gotion High-tech once again presented a variety of energy storage products such as the Gotion GRID 5MWh energy storage liquid-cooled container. Among them, the 5MWh standard energy storage cabin uses Gotion Hi-Tech 330Ah and 314Ah large-capacity and long-life single cells, with a cycle number of more than 15,000 times. The system is equipped with intelligent temperature control and a multi-stage variable diameter liquid cooling system, and system-level temperature difference control Within 3℃, the system operation life can be achieved for more than 20 years.

Great Power: 

Great Power’s key products are mainly Fengpeng battery 314Ah batteries and industrial and commercial energy storage 2024 Great series products. Among them, the 314Ah battery cell was mass-produced in November last year, but it was not named “Fengpeng battery” at that time; the Great series products include the Great One industrial and commercial energy storage cabinet, the Great Com 20-foot 5MWh liquid-cooled energy storage container and Great E energy storage management system.


AESC officially released its latest system-EnPower smart energy storage. It is reported that EnPower smart energy storage is based on full-stack technical capabilities, using self-developed 350Ah energy storage dedicated cells, an “AC-DC integrated” structural design, and a standard 20-foot container capacity of 5.6MWh. It is suitable for 4-8 hours of energy storage scenarios. It is the world’s leading The first “AC-DC integrated” 5.6MWh energy storage system.


In summary, the demand for batteries in the energy storage market has gradually evolved into higher safety, longer life, lower cost of high-capacity cells and energy storage systems, and Chinese companies are at the forefront of the market, with a strong cost advantage and global competitiveness.

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